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Brand Development
Pop Up Design
Custom Production
Visual Merchandising

We expanded our longstanding relationship with Hot Sox to include two pop-up shop activations in Los Cerritos Center and Westfield Garden State Plaza. The first-ever Hot Sox shops will feature an array of product for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas, along with their signature artist series and other collectible designs for men and women.

We’ve served as Hot Sox provider of field merchandising since 2008, deploying Hot Sox field coverage of visual merchandising in major retailers nationwide. The pop-ups include bold, eye-catching black-and-white-striped vinyl flooring — a Winston-created design element found throughout their retail experience — and black walls which feature Hot Sox branding in high-contrast pink and red on the outside and ready-to-sell hanging socks inside. “Sock bars” around the perimeter and interior are topped with foot displays that can be seen by all passersby. “This is truly a pop-up shop done right,” remarked Gary Henkin, Hot Sox SVP of Global Sales. “It’s the perfect place to pop in and curate your personal sock wardrobe or find a quick gift. Once again, Winston created something innovative and stylish with results top of mind.”